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Developing people in Statkraft

08 Sep, 2022

As Statkraft is growing, both organically and through acquisitions, a whole new generation of new leaders has emerged. Many of these new leaders has not had the opportunity of physical leadership training. That has now changed.

The lock-down period during the Covid pandemic was used well by Statkraft’s people development team in corporate HR. They developed a whole new portfolio of leadership programs for all levels of leaders and experts.

“The programs we used to have served us well, but the world is changing, new knowledge and insights have been developed in the field of leadership programs. Since Statkraft is in a strong growth period we really needed to ensure that both our new and our more seasoned leaders have the best development opportunities available,” says Eva Skille in HR People Development. She and Pål Johnsen are responsible for global leadership development in Statkraft.

“Although the pandemic has taught us that a lot can be achieved through digital meetings, there is a lot to be said for real physical meeting places. Networking between people, chance encounters and in-depth discussions is hard to obtain through digital meetings only. But it is not an either or, a hybrid model works well, we don’t always have to meet, preparations between physical meetings can be done digitally. And having met once makes it easier to reach out digitally.”

“The new strategy, and the high ambitions for the company calls for leaders that are able to bring out the best in their people, drive change, build strong teams and enhance collaboration”, Pål says.

“Leadership is about communication, creating clarity for the organisation”, he continues. “Leaders being able to communicate effectively, despite diversity of any kind, have a huge advantage in motivating and utilize the people.”

"We want authentic leadership, and we want to develop high performing teams and drive innovation and change. Leaders should set an example for new ways of working."
Eva Skille
Global leadership development

A variety of paths

The people development team in Statkraft have developed a comprehensive portfolio of leadership programs catering for needs in different stages of leadership development. The leadership programs also help create a common language around leadership for all leaders in Statkraft and participants form an important and lasting network of leaders.

“It is important to stress that you don’t have to have a formal role in the leadership hierarchy to have leadership challenges. When leading networks and projects you need to exert influence and guide people and you need many of the same tools as formal leadership roles requires. We want people to be able to pursue different career paths, and not just climbing the hierarchy!”

“At Statkraft diversity and inclusion is at the heart of all workforce shaping. So we make sure the program cohorts are diverse in terms of gender, age, discipline, business areas and geography,” Eva Skille says.

“Enhancing leadership capacity at any level, and increased focus on developing people is vital in order to deliver on our business ambitions,” Pål Johnsen explains.

Pal Johnsen, Eva Skille
Pål Johnsen and Eva Skille

The new kids on the Statkraft block

A beautiful garden hotel in the middle of Tirana is the setting for Statkraft’s newly launched portfolio of new leadership programs. Albania is a country Statkraft has set a profound mark on with the development of two hydropower plants producing almost 15 percent of Albania’s total electricity production.

It is a new experience for most people, and nobody is on home turf, which can be a good setting for a leadership program. We met some of the participants and asked them why leadership programs are important.


One of the participants, Seema Amithkumar, is a senior HR and administration manager in Statkraft’s office i New Dehli, India:

“The training program has helped me in becoming more aware of different leadership styles and that different styles might be needed at different times and with different people. Also, it was truly interesting to meet leaders from different departments or different countries and experience that we have so much in common. Being a leader we are sailing in the same boat, making a same journey of discovery and we are not alone on that journey.”


Anna Camilla Sandbu is head of collaboration and information management in IT in Statkraft. She is Swedish of origin, living in Norway.

“The trip to Albania was so inspiring! To travel to such a beautiful place and meet colleagues from across the Statkraft world is such a privilege. All the discussions and workshops has been really helpful in my leadership journey and I can’t wait to implement and use all the new skills I learned.

Exchanging experiences and discuss common challenges and being away from all the normal distractions has been so valuable for me.”

Viktor Lorentz Sveen is Head of Energy Management and Digitalisation Partner and works in the business area Markets and IT:

“With the increased focus on digitalization in Statkraft as a whole, we see the teams consist of more roles, and many new people joining the company. Responsibilities are changing, processes are being improved. With so many changes at the same time it is key that we are able to utilize the skilled people in the best way reflecting on our strengths and competences. My main takeaway from this program is having developed a basic toolbox as well as actually setting aside time reflecting on the leadership role in all of this.”

Alfyia Mol, Head of Unit Reporting in the Nordics adds:

“I think it was very important to build network with first-time leaders who are just like you. I also liked the fact that we had an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, which is important in communication and interaction with others. It was so inspiring because it was the right amount of theory and real life example practice.”

"You don’t need to have a formal leadership role to have career development in Statkraft"
Pål Johnson
Global leadership development

Read more here about Statkraft’s leadership journey.

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