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Bryt Energy is a joint venture between Statkraft and Metchley Energy Associates. From left, Bryt Energy's Ian Brothwell, operations director, Dave Cave, chairman, Duncan Forsyth, finance director and Duncan Dale, Statkraft's vice president for customers and new products in the UK.

Competing for customers

Innovative, user-friendly solutions and guaranteed renewable energy will win corporate customers for Bryt Energy, Statkraft's new supply company in the UK.

With a long-term goal of exploring market opportunities in distributed energy, Statkraft established the supply company Bryt Energy in 2016 in collaboration with Metchley Energy Associates, a consortium of experts in energy supply startups.

"The reason we chose a joint venture is that Statkraft doesn't have the expertise required to start up this type of supply company alone, while our partners have established five such companies over the past 20 years," says Duncan Forsyth, finance director in Bryt Energy.

The company's plans assume a solid customer base. "Our long-term focus area is supplying distributed energy solutions to customers, initially by supplying, operating and optimising batteries through a virtual power plant," explains Forsyth. "Achieving this requires a customer base, so the first thing we're doing is establishing a business where we sell renewable electricity to British companies."

Ambitious goal

The UK supply market is fiercely competitive. In order to distinguish itself from its competitors, Bryt offers renewable energy at no additional cost and with innovative solutions. The focus is set on customers' needs by simplifying what appears to many, to be a complex product, and by helping customers reduce their energy costs.

"We're going to excel at the basics; we'll provide accurate and easy-to-understand invoices and offer user-friendly online self-service solutions, as well as skilled service personnel and dedicated account management services for larger customers," says Forsyth.

Bryt's customers are mainly small and medium-sized businesses. The company currently has 25 employees.

"We’ve just entered the UK market and so far, have signed agreements with 93 customers," he says. "Our goal is 10 000 customers, but the plans may change. Perhaps it will be more important to have fewer but larger customers. Our sales and marketing team is testing which parts of the market suit us best."

Text: Sissel Fantoft
Photo: Unknown
The article has also been published in Statkraft's magazine People & Power no. 2/2017.

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Creating chances

The theme "Towards a Flexible Future" attracted strong interest from customers and other representatives from the renewables industry at the annual customer conference in the UK.

Speakers with different perspectives on the industry discussed how the UK energy system could become more flexible and able to meet future demand, and what commercial opportunities this change creates for producers and suppliers of renewable energy. The customer conference was held for the third time in London in October 2017.

"I really got a lot out of the day," says Will Gaskell, assistant director for renewable energy at Ernst & Young. "There were many interesting participants and it was a useful networking opportunity."

One of the many speakers at the conference was Rob Samuelson, business development director at Statkraft’s joint venture Bryt Energy. He focused on the revenue potential in energy storage systems.

"It was a very interesting conference with lots of presentations from different perspectives," says Michael Armstrong, director of Wessex Solar Energy.

The conference programme gave Statkraft a perfect opportunity to update participants on Statkraft's activities and new products and the chance to gather useful market information.

20. Dec. 2017