Renewable energy: The Big Three

In the future, renewable energy sources from hydro, wind and solar power will be even more important. The different abilities of hydro, wind and solar complement each other and makes them perfect partners.

No time to lose

There is no time to lose in order to replace the world’s energy production from fossils to renewable resources. By combining the energy from hydro, wind and solar, Europe can meet the future demand in a smart, renewable and sustainable way.

The production of wind power is estimated to fivefold by 2035. Solar power is also believed to acchieve an important position in the energy market. The International Energy Agency estimates that solar energy will provide 8-13 percent of the global energy production by 2030.

Perfect partners 

In other words, both solar and wind will provide Norway and the rest of Europe with more electricity in the near futureLuckily, the energy produced by hydro, solar and wind, complete each other very well. Hydropower has the unique ability to be stored and used when needed. Energy from wind and solar must be used shortly after it is producedThese different qualities will make hydropower a crucial energy contributor in times when energy from solar and wind is not sufficient.

This way, the Norwegian hydropower will complement wind and solar power from our neighbors and help ensure a sustainable Europe.

The energy sources complete each other perfectly. This makes it quite logical to exchange energy with our neighboring countries, who base their energy supply on solar and wind powerThis virtual power plant in Germany, for example, help low-scale producers of solar and wind power balance their production. 

Battery Site in Germany

Read the story on how we fill these large batteries with energy from hydro, wind and solar. The capacity equals two million iPhone batteries.

Statkraft wants to continue to invest in flexible and renewable hydropower. This will make Norway an important partner for other countries in Europe. Perhaps will we even inspire other countries to start their own green shifts” in energy production?

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Norway has committed to reduce its emissions with 40 % by 2030. Read more about how hydropower has already gotten us half-way.

01. Jun. 2017