Hydropower – the energy of the future

Did you know that hydropower supplies Norway with almost one hundred percent pure, renewable energy? Hydropower has provided us with electricity in our everyday lives for generations, all year round and through all kinds of weather.

40 billions to the welfare state

Norway has large supplies of hydropower and it holds great values. Hydropower provides jobs and is a valuable source of income for the Norwegian state, municipalities and county municipalities. In 2014, hydropower contributed 40 billions NOK to the Norwegian welfare state through taxes, fees and dividends

Hydropower is the backbone of Norwegian power supply. It’s a safe and secure source forelectricity production. How long do you think we would be able to manage our daily lives without electricity?

Two happy Statkraft colleagues

Need regular maintenance

The economic support from hydropower contributes to important services we use every day, such as kindergartens, schools, health services or new infrastructure. The hydropower industry is also contributing to the community by employing almost 20.000 people.

Hydropower plants are long-lasting constructions, but still neeregular maintenanceStatkraft spends 1,5 billion NOK every year to keep our plants in good condition. In 2016, Lower Røssaga hydropower plant was re-opened after a comprehensive restoration and expansion. The power plant will continue to supply Norway with stable, flexible and environmentally friendly power for decades to come. 

Norway and Europe have committed to gradually end the use of fossile energy. Read more about how hydropower already has taken Norway a big step closer towards this goal.

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01. Jun. 2017