Location: Himachal Pradesh, India

Photographer: Alf Berg

After the dark, snowy and cold winter months comes the spring. The risk of being snowed in disappears, but the heavy snow melting gives Khekh Ram busy days.

Close to nature

Monsoon rains, vast quantities of snow and heavy melting all contribute to providing Khekh Ram with an extremely varied working day at the hydropower plant in the Himalayas.

Khekh Ram is senior work attendant at the Allain Duhangan plant in Himachal Pradesh in the far north of India. He has been with Statkraft since 2012 and is indispensable in extreme weather conditions. He checks the automatic readings for the water flow rates at the hydropower plant.

We asked him about ...

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... the work. 

I cross-check the automatic readings for the water flow rate and the reservoir levels to prevent damage and ensure predictability. Manual checks of data are even more important in extreme weather conditions. I also check that the sewage treatment plant is working and in good shape so that twigs and other organic material and various types of waste are filtered away.

... inspiration.
My job inspires me. To have a job with good pay and proper working conditions means a lot. I come from a local village, and my wife and child live close by the plant offices, which means it's easy for me to travel home every week. That's not the case for everyone in this area. It's a kind of freedom that is precious, and that makes me want to do the best job I possibly can.

... the downs.
It can be lonely working shifts at a place that's cold and dark all winter, and where you're partly isolated from the world around you. But I focus on the positive aspects. After four or five days, my shift is done and I can go home to my family.

... the ups.
I appreciate the simple things in life. I like relaxing at home with my family, and I enjoy hiking in the mountains. I've been very lucky to have grown up and to have been able to continue living and working in the Manali region. I'm close to nature here.

... balance.
Spending time with my family creates balance at the end of a working week. We do things together, go to traditional festivals and take trips into the countryside. I also like animals, and we have a cow and a small chicken run. Tending to the animals is a form of relaxation.

... pure energy.
We help supply India with pure energy. That feels good when I think about the challenges we're facing with global warming, which is frightening. I'm proud of our core values. We take consideration of the environment beyond the standard requirements. Among other things, we have strict guidelines to prevent our work area from being polluted. That's important, because we work in beautiful natural surroundings. We've also been well trained in security and crisis management, which helps secure production.

Text: Alf Berg
Photos: Alf Berg, Statkraft

The article has also been published in Statkraft's magazine People & Power no. 3/2016.

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Mountain in Himalaya

"We help supply India with pure energy. That feels good when I think about the challenges we're facing with global warming."

Location: Himachal Pradesh, India

Photographer: Statkraft

08. Jan. 2017